Guide to Our Products

Which hair clip to choose?

Baby clips

Baby 3cm lined non-slip snap clips are most suited to babies with the finest of hair.  These clips are lightweight:

Millie_christening    vixcharrison_2  17


Toddler Clips

Our 4cm lined non-slip snap clips are best for babies/toddlers with hair around the same length as the below example:

estelle     14


Alligator Clips

Our alligator clips are great for all hair types, but are aimed at young girls with  longer thicker hair like the below example:



Big Bows

Available on toddler clips, alligator clips or hair ties.

big_bow_clips  IMG_4696


Which headband to choose?

Our headbands are all suitable for babies and toddlers, and can be made to fit older girls.

Crochet and Stretch headbands  

 131Toni_Dainty   princess1   gemma_gaulf_baby

These are all one size so will grow with your baby up to around the age of 5.


Shimmer Headbands

13  Millie_Grace   295796_10150759060555103_5487726_n    222911_10150200832112321_5025507_n  

These are the most comfortable of our headbands, very light and soft material and made to fit 4-12m.  Can be made in size 0-3, 12-18 or bigger sizes, please just leave the size in the comments box at checkout.

Skinny Headbands


The skinny headbands are made with a stronger elastic.  Great for a stylish look on your baby.  

Classic view