Payment and FAQ's


Please note that although we use a paypal checkout, you do not need a paypal account to pay by paypal.  Just continue with the checkout process by clicking "Check out as a guest" and then "Pay by debit/credit card" and you can pay by debit or credit card safely and securely.

PayPal is a secure online payment method, which allows you to pay or get paid quickly and easily without sharing any of your financial information. Paypal remembers and safeguards your bank, credit or debit card details, so you don’t have to. 

You can use PayPal to pay for items on eBay or any of the thousands of online retailers that accept PayPal. You can also get cashback and exclusive discounts from selected retailers at PayPal Offers. 


There are many reasons why people prefer using PayPal, but here are the top ones: 

It’s safer 
When you pay with PayPal your financial details are never shared with sellers or retailers, so you’re more protected against fraud. We also protect your purchase in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. Learn more about online security with PayPal at our Safety Advice Centre. 

It’s faster 
Because you don’t have to type in your card details each time you pay, you can check out faster online. You can also get eBay items delivered more quickly, as you can pay the seller instantly. 

It’s easier 
PayPal is the preferred web payment method in the UK because it’s simply a smarter, savvier way to pay online. All you need is your email address and a password to pay in just a few clicks.



Q.  How will I know if my order has been dispatched?

You will receive a dispatch email notifying you of the date your order was shipped.


Q.  I see that you standardly make headbands for 4-12m, can you make headbands to fit a younger/older baby?

Yes all of our headbands are handmade so we can make them to fit any age.  Please just leave your child's age in the comments box at checkout.  The comments box is found in the "Overview" section at checkout.


Q.One of the items I have ordered is missing.

It is possible that we have sold out of the item you have ordered. You may have ordered it before we had a chance to update the website.  When this happens, we refund you via paypal.  Please check if you have received a refund before contacting us about a missing item.


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